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How to Improve Trading with Bitcoin iFex 360 Ai

Trading bitcoin CFDs through the Bitcoin 360 AI trading tools is a cakewalk. But you should be extra careful since not following the trading instructions can lead to losses. Below are some of the tips to follow to maximize your trading potential with Bitcoin 360 AI.

Trade during high volatility

Bitcoin CFDs are highly speculative and best traded through the news trading technique. Use the news feed and the events calendar under the Bitcoin 360 AI trading resources to keep tabs on the latest market happenings.

You are likely to hit the home run by implementing the trading strategies during high volatility. Bitcoin iFex 360 Ai helps you build quality volatility-driven trading strategies. Our news feed is updated regularly to help you capture the news with the highest impact on volatility.

Evaluate your risk appetite carefully

You can’t expect trading success if you don’t have a risk management plan in place. Bitcoin 360 AI helps you develop a super accurate risk management plan.

You should evaluate your risk appetite before building a risk management tool. We offer a detailed risk appetite test to help you do so. Take the test and compare the results with our risk control guide. The guide will help you know the parameters to pay attention to, when building a risk management plan.

Invest what you can afford to lose

All crypto trading, whether through the tools offered by Bitcoin 360 AI or through the traditional trading methods, is highly risky.

You should take the risk management process extremely seriously and only invest what you can afford to lose. Investment advisors recommend only trading crypto with what you can afford to lose. You can start trading with the minimum capital requirement and still hit the home run.