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How do I use Bitcoin iFex 360 Ai to research multiple instruments?

The Bitcoin iFex 360 Ai tools are categorized according to the financial asset class. You will be prompted to select the asset class to trade.

We will automatically match you with the trading tools for these selected asset classes. Click on the pair you want to analyze to be matched with the relevant research tool. Follow the prompts to apply the tools in trading research.

How do I measure the accuracy of the generated signals?

The Bit360 AI tools generate trading signals to be implemented in the live account. You can test the accuracy of the signals by running them on the demo.

The signals that yield positive results on the demo are likely to be profitable on a live account. This is because the demo runs on real market data and simulates the live trading experience with 99% accuracy.

How do I change the withdrawal method?

All transactions happen through our quality CFDs brokers. You will be prompted to verify a payment method during the initial deposit.

Only the verified method can be used for withdrawals. You can verify another method by sending an email request to the broker. The verification process could take up to 72 working hours. You may need to upload a photo of your debit/credit card with the CVV number covered for verification.

How do I test the trading signals on the demo?

You can test the signals generated through our tools on the demo before going live. The demo is provided by the local brokers linked from this page.

Click the demo button at the bottom right corner of the trading dashboard. Navigate through the demo menu and select the “run signals” button. Select the generated signal from the signals folder and click the “implement” button.


How does online trading work?

Online trading allows ordinary people to earn money speculating on the price swings of various financial instruments.

These financial instruments are accessible through specialized financial brokers. The brokers provide third-party or proprietary trading platforms. These platforms have various tools to help traders conduct fundamental and technical analysis.

The platforms also link to global liquidity pools for instant order execution. Instant order execution is vital, given the speed at which the markets adjust to new information.

What assets should I trade online?

Four main asset classes can be traded online. These include forex, stock, crypto, commodities, and market indices.

Each of these asset classes offers thousands of tradable products. These products are traded through financial derivatives. Popular derivatives include futures, forwards, options, and contracts for differences (CFDs). CFDs are the most popular derivatives. Our tools support the trading of CFDs on all asset classes.

Do I need skills to succeed in online trading?

Online trading is highly lucrative. However, you must be willing to work the hours to be fully prepared for live trading.

Trading preparation involves mastering the language and familiarizing yourself with the platform. Before starting a live session, you should master all the trading research tools under the platform. Bit360 AI offers AI-driven tools to reduce the complexity of trading research.

You should master the trading process within hours of practising with our tools. Use the provided demo to test the signals before going live.

How many hours should I dedicate to online trading?

You can take online trading as a full-time or part-time business. Taking trading as a full-time job means you spend most of the day analyzing the markets and placing the trades.

On the other hand, part-time traders dedicate as little as one hour daily to trading. Most full-time traders start as part-timers before transitioning to full-time trading.